Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So Many Thoughts, So Little Time

  • My hair is finally being rescued tomorrow with a good cut and a couple bottles of my newest shade experiment....golden chestnut mare or something like that.
  • High School Musical on Ice was worth every penny we spent to go and #3 didn't even experience her strange, vertigo nausea because (thank you, Jesus) we were only 11 rows off the ice.
  • Day One of our "We're All in This Together" elementary talent show auditions were boring. The kids weren't boring, there just weren't many there. Most of them are coming tomorrow. I will confide that the only 2 moms who signed up to help on the committee have never seen the HSM movies or heard the music so it's sort of like having to speak in a foreign language to them whenever I'm trying to describe something like Ryan's hats or the basketball tricks in Get Your Head in the Game. I'm getting used to their blank stares by now and I just nod my head excitedly as if that will help them understand what I am saying. Again, being the "new girl" at school I have this strange feeling this is sort of like a crazy initiation that the PTO thought up to see if I'm really the calm, cool, collected person I appear to be. Let's let Melissa chair the Talent Show. Woo-hoo!
  • Gas prices. I could cry.
  • I've been painting posters and helping make flyers for #1's race for mayor at school and there are about 15 other kids running against her. #1, as I've mentioned before, is so much like me she cannot stand the thought of losing. We've got candy to hand out with stickers that she hand-wrote that say "Vote for #1....she is so sweet". I'm proud of her and scared for her at the same time. She cries almost every day about it for some reason or another.
  • Speaking of being scared for #1, her family sciences or whatever the heck it's called nowadays (Home Ec) teacher is terrifying my precious daughter. She's very abrupt, harsh and confusing which is sad because I want my girls to enjoy cooking and sewing. In an attempt to win this woman over I have volunteered to go grocery shopping for her. So, tomorrow (the busiest day of my life) I am going to get her list, go to Giant, shop on charge and take it all back to school after the other 2 get dropped off at their school, but, before GAS and my hair appointments, before round 2 of auditions, before soccer practice, and before a school meeting about #3 needing extra help with reading (an entire humbling post for another day). It's all good though because #1 said that her teacher was nicer to her today after she found out I was grocery shopping....hopefully, I won't have to resort to foot massages or toilet cleaning for the teacher to keep #1 feeling safe and secure in her home/family/sciences whatever-it-is-called class. Do you see what we do for our firstborns? It's nuts, I tell you.
  • Christmas. I'm....I mean, WE are going to make bunches of little snowmen with water bottles, socks and felt. It's been awhile since I've gotten in touch with my crafty side. I love Christmas....it's my Best Friend's birthday, you know!
  • Our 10, 000 library books are due back tomorrow and I only read one of them.

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For some reason, I enjoyed this post so much.