Friday, November 9, 2007

I May Be Quiet for Awhile

As hard as it is to imagine, I may not have much time for blogging over the next week. Today are parent-teacher conferences and preparations for #3's "Superhero" party tomorrow. In the meantime, I must make fundraiser deliveries, get haircuts and drop off for a sleepover. Fast forward to Sunday where The Husband and #1 are on worship team at church (which means arriving an hour early), we are having a family birthday party immediately following church and, then.....are you sitting down? I got tickets for #3's birthday to High School Musical on Ice!!! #1 is already going with her bff for her bff's birthday, so I bought tickets for me, #2 and #3 to go, also. It was so funny/sad when we told #3 that #1 was going to HSM on Ice with her bff. #3 started to cry because she didn't let me finish the story that she was also getting tickets to go for her birthday. We had to tell her three times before it registered and she stopped crying and started schrieking with joy!

Now that I've bored you all half to death with the mundane details of my weekend I'll finish by saying that Monday continues the marathon with a Tastefully Simple party here and then goes right into the Elementary Talent Show auditions and meetings with teachers. And, #1 is running for "mayor" of her team for this big social studies thing they do through Jr. Achievement so I'll be helping her campaign. My family MUST stay healthy this week! There is no time for illness. At some point during this crazy week, I have got to get a warmer coat for #3, she has been going out to recess at school in a windbreaker! Although, it's not as though the cold bothers her! We've tried on several coats to which she insisted they were "too hot". No amount of explaining that it is warmer inside the store than it will be outside could convince her. Lord, help me.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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