Friday, November 23, 2007

Woo-hoo! I Did It!

Well, I didn't get up at 4am this year, but I did head out at 7am this morning for 2 specific items and I got BOTH of them. In fact, I got the very last one of the main item I went out for. I must be vague because my kids like reading my blog!

Yay me!

I am so laid back this Christmas.....last year I made a bunch of "handmade" gifts that caused me to stay up late at night muttering under my breath, but since I have lost touch with the crafty side of me I don't feel the pressure to do that this year. I also decided I am not spending a fortune on shipping costs so the nieces and nephews are getting gift cards. I know, a few posts back I was complaining that gift cards require so little thought, but I like to get them and I'm sure everyone else does, too. I mean, I don't want a gift card from EVERYONE, but it is nice to hit the post-holiday sales with a little spending money. I've also been buying things on sale throughout the year and throwing it in my "gift tubbie". It is a rather large Rubbermaid tub with an array of nice items that will make lovely teacher gifts, "white elephant"gifts, etc...So, now in combination with my awesome purchases this morning, I am almost done "mental" shopping. That's much harder than the physical shopping! Once I know what I'm getting for someone the hard part is over. You will NEVER see me roaming aisles of a store at Christmas time saying "I wonder what So-and-so would like .........". NEVER. I think it is the marketing research person in me. I will use my computer for the very reason it is meant to be used....a tool! I think, too, it is a survival technique since taking my kids to stores any longer than grabbing the desired item off of the shelf and going directly to the cash register causes a severe migraine that can take hours to get rid of.

Did anyone else score any deals today?

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