Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And, We Live Happily Ever After

The Husband and I got to hang out today even though I was working from home and he reminded me our anniversary is coming up ( I can hardly believe that January is half over!). In less than two weeks he and I will celebrate 13 years of marriage. We, like most couples, have experienced the good, the bad and every mundane moment in between. It is actually the mundane moments that frighten me the most. The times when we start to treat each other unintentionally as roommates and before long I stop shaving my legs and he "won't bring me flowers any moooooooooore". I've heard that marriages go through seasons and I believe that to be true. However, even in the "winters" of our relationship I can't help but thank God for Him. My husband is a gift. I cannot begin to imagine how boring my life would be without him. I told him the other day "No offense, but you are so much sexier and smarter than when I met you. You are aging gracefully and I really like you. ALOT!". It's true (I mean look at this picture of him on this post....oo-la-la!)! Obviously I liked him when we got married, but now there is such a level of commitment and honor (I was lacking the honor part as a baby Christian and new wife). I've watched him grow into the amazing man he is today and the cool part is that there is even more to look forward to! Whoa, Baby! I married the "total package"!

We are a perfect match according to all the "relationship" specialists out there. A first born female marrying the baby of the family. That may lead you to believe that I am Miss Bossy Pants and he is a spoiled brat, but actually, we reverse those roles rather well sometimes! And, actually, the only one that wears the pants around here on a regular basis is covered in black fur and walks on all fours. Speaking of The Dog, the Husband and I have the learned the art of compromise (he got the dog he wanted and I get to use her as an excuse for all things that go wrong in my world). Not to mention we are slowly morphing into each other as the years pass by. Our extremes are not our own anymore. I used to be a total slob and now I am like a shrieking shrew if things are not put into their proper places. The Husband (former Marine) used to freak out if something spilled. Now, he just chuckles and grabs a paper towel.

There are so many things I love about this man. Those positive attributes far outweigh the things that drive me nuts about him (and, I would hope he would say the same about me). The biggest draw for me is how much he loves the Lord. He was the person who invited me to "his" church nearly 14 years ago, and as a result of that I discovered a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that changed my life. I could never love the dear, sweet man in my life they way he deserves to be loved without the guidance of the Holy Spirit telling me to "suck it up, this won't be important in 20 years".

One thing I've learned in all these married years is that we face choices every day, sometimes every hour, that can make or break a person. I admit I've not always made the best choices....who has? I tend to "overtalk" every disagreement until there is smoke coming out of both our ears, while at other times life is flying by so fast I vaguely look at him and wonder did I kiss him yet today? So, while at times he may feel like he is on the "back burner", the truth is that not a moment goes by when I'm not delighting in the fact that I am his wife. He is patient and he loves me, imperfections and all.

I am a blessed woman and if I had it to do all over again I'd choose him again and again.

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Natalie said...

Would you believe I have a picture of me and Jim that looks just like that picture in this post?! We were Sonny and Cher at a costume party.