Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trying To Be Constructive

As we are beginning a new year, an election year no less, I've found myself growing extremely frustrated over the situation in Iraq. I don't blame the president, but even I, an avid supporter of worldwide democracy, am saying enough is enough, bring our men and women home. I cannot begin to imagine the toll it is taking on military families, not to mention our economy (which will have a ripple effect into future generations). But, all political rhetoric aside I have decided that when I get worked up about something it is time to take action.

So, I have filled out an application to "Adopt A Platoon". I urge you to do it, also. Check out their website and make a difference in one other person's life. Pray for peace and an end to the "war", both oversees and the one here at home that is tearing our own country apart.

Is anyone else sick of the devil trying to destroy America? Well, let's make sure he knows that isn't going to happen on our watch! Let's intercede for our amazing country instead of complaining.

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Livin' Life said...

Well said!! You have spurned me on to look into adopting a platoon.