Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My New Life Resolutions

My prayer is to become AND train up a generation of revivalists that are.....

  • Humble, but not harmless
  • Honorable, but not suck-ups
  • Dependable, but not predictable
  • Bold, but not brash
  • Holy, but not hobbled
  • Patient, but not passive
  • Powerful, but not controlling (help me, Lord!)
  • Encouraging, without flattering
  • Gentle, but not timid
  • Modest, but not docile
  • Confident, but not cocky
  • Steadfast, but not stubborn
  • Teachable, but not tame
  • Kind, but not benign
  • Discerning, but not suspicious
  • Confrontational, but not combative
  • Tough, but not rigid
  • Submissive, but not subdued
  • Serious, but not somber
  • Risky, yet wise
  • Peaceful, but not careless
  • Spontaneous, yet prepared
  • Giving, yet able to receive
  • Transparent, but able to keep a secret
  • Extreme, yet balanced
  • Spirit-led, but self-controlled
  • Submitted to men, but following God
(taken from Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle by Kris Vallotton)