Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm Hooked!

I have a new show that I am actually watching on TV! Yes, I'm watching TV again after taking about a year off from everything except the occasional Extreme Makeover - Home Edition and the first 4 episodes of Dancing With the Stars before Sabrina was voted off. The last season of The Apprentice was so bad it ruined me. TV was merely a tool I used to keep the kids quiet and happy while I cooked dinner (did you catch that, Nat? lol!).

BUT, and I mean BUT.....

Dance Wars has captured my attention. Better than Dancing With the Stars and American Idol. Carrie Ann seriously reminds me of someone from my past that I enjoyed a friendship with that I just can't put my finger on. And, while her uncomfortable "rutching" (a little PA Dutch thrown in there) because of a too short skirt was mildly annoying (c'mon already) on the first show, she is still adorable. And her voice? Sounds just like me after cheering loud and long at a soccer game. All the little "cat fight" scenes between her and Bruno are so cheesy, but I like that in my TV shows! They are dancers, not actors and that just cracks me up when they try to act!

Of course I will make my predictions (and, you are welcome to do so also) that Bruno has the better team and the last man and woman left will be Zach (for sure) and either Elizabeth or Kelsey. Message to Kelsey - PUT SOME CLOTHES ON (stop dancing with your bra on because then I can't let my little girls watch the show). They are all crazy talented and I love that one of the girls is the choir director at her church and another one is the daughter of a Christian contemporary artist. They did not dance in their bras.

Any favorites out there?


Livin' Life said...

I'm not into the dance stuff but I have gotten hock on Everest:Beyond the Limits on Discovery. It's a reality show about climbers trying to summit Everest.

By the way place that hideous scale in front of your dog and let it devour or pee on it. Get rid of it!!!!

Natalie said...

Better than Dancing AND Idol??? I have it recorded but haven't watched it yet...guess I better get moving.