Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Will Survive (Cue the Gloria Gaynor CD)

Well, after a very tho-rough (sarcastic snort) exam by the nurse practitioner I have been diagnosed with bronchitis. I was actually so sick in the doctor's office I left my shoes, glasses and rings on when they weighed me (I're completely shocked at who would do such a thing?). I just didn't care. Right away I told her when I have had bronchitis in the past I never coughed this particular way with a throbbing pain on the left side of my head. Did she order an MRI or a chest x-ray? No, she did not. Did she count my toes and draw blood? Nope. Just a little "URI" scribbled on the corner of my paper and a prescription for cough medicine with codeine and some Zithromax. Neither of which I will take. You see, I just go to the doctor to make sure I'm not dying or in need of major surgery. I believe that pharmaceutical companies are trying to take over the world and make us rely on their medications that make us even sicker. I'd rather let my body heal itself. Now, if you have a life-threatening or extremely painful illness that's another story....a chest cold? No, I'll pass on the meds despite anything having codeine in it sounding slightly seductive right now.

The best part of the entire visit is that since I haven't been to the doctor's office in about 2 years, they have moved and now share a parking lot with Dunkin' Donuts! How perfect is that??! So, instead of filling my prescriptions, I hit the drive-thru for a vanilla chai latte and a jelly donut. Oh BABY! And, both items were only $2.68! That would not have even bought me half a grande white chocolate peppermint mocha at Starbucks. I love you, DD! Yes, never mind that I haven't used my new gym membership, yet...there is a little bit of freedom in that. I would (hopefully) never eat that garbage after working out for a good hour or so.

Now, here I am the anti-medication nutcase consuming chemically sweetened products. I even believe I've heard on more than one occasion that a donut is the worse thing you can eat. But, when I don't feel well it gives me the warm fuzzies just like codeine, but without the withdrawal.

Welcome to my mixed-up little world!

update: The more I thought about this, the more I realized I could offend someone with my comments about prescription medication. I never meant to discourage the use of medication; however, I encourage people to make their own decisions and not automatically take everything a doctor prescribes. I think the medical community is pressured to over-prescribe because as a society we want our "money's worth" and our problems fixed NOW (I actually had a conversation about this with our pediatrician, who agreed and is very careful about prescribing medication only when necessary).

Also, I may be passing on an antibiotic and cough syrup, but I've been taking Motrin every 4 hours like clockwork and you better believe if I had something like a urinary tract infection, Dunkin Donuts would have been the last thing on my mind as I drove directly to CVS to fill that prescription!

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Natalie said...

are you sure you didn't take the codeine? you're sounding a little loopy...or is that your natural state of well-being?