Monday, January 7, 2008

Change is Inevitable - Except From a Vending Machine. ~Robert C. Gallagher

Is there anyone else who feels like Christmas was about 3 months ago?

I have had several changes take place in my life since "that occurrence I kept blogging about even though I promised I wouldn't blog about it anymore". Yes, The Oh My Word Plague is what I am referring to. But here is what happened....

1. I don't like coffee anymore. I look forward to it..pour a cup....drink half of it and then pour it down the drain. Even now that I'm feeling better I've lost my taste for it. The Husband assures me I will return to normal and like it again. I'm not so sure.

2. I lost all the weight I gained over the holidays. My appetite has decreased dramatically. I ate a scone yesterday and it took me as long as a 5-course steak dinner. I literally was stuffed when I got finished with it.

3. I started taking nutrients from Natures Sunshine. Many, many nutrients. Aunt Extreme Kitchen Makeover came over with baggies marked breakfast, lunch and dinner that contained at least 15-20 assorted capsules of things like veggie tabs, essential oils, eye of newt, etc.....At first I looked at her like she was crazy, but after taking them I felt remarkably stronger and healthy. She explained that my body was starved for nutrients (yeah, no kidding, jelly donuts and French toast aren't very nutritious) and I needed to drink lots of water to flush all the "poison" out of my system. Well, the next day the poison started to be "flushed" from my system all right. If I were to dedicate a post to it I would call it "The Thunder Rolled". Again, I wondered if I would live through the pain in my abdomen. I thanked the good Lord He didn't allow this ordeal to happen in a Target restroom. But, you'll all sleep better tonight knowing that my colon has been thoroughly cleansed. Hence, the five pound weight loss. But, all colon jokes aside, I like these nutrients so much I'm ordering daily vitamins to start and then we'll go from there.

I've also been thinking all about what I can do to serve the Lord in a fallen world. Where do you draw the line? We are to be salt and light, right? Does that mean I should grab a couple of Christian sisters and have dinner one night at Hooters? Because, seriously, I'm tired of acting like those places are "taboo" to us "good" folks. I would never send my husband in there to pray and care for someone, but what is stopping me? Maybe someone from church would see me.......I can't help but think if Christians don't start going into places like this how are the lost going to find their way home? What I don't condone; however, is participating in things that can ultimately harm us or others. We MUST be spirit-led in these en devours or they will be powerless if we just try to do something "nice". I've just had a lot of time on my hands this last week to think through some ideas.

Change is in the air. I'm not sure what it is going to be, but I think it is going to be very good. I read in my devotion this morning that it's okay if God doesn't give you what you pray for. It is only because He has something to give you that is bigger than what you prayed for!


Classic MaMa said...

I hear they have great wings. :)

Krazy Klingers said...

I personally don't like their wings. Gilligan's on Eisenhower Blvd. has really good wings!

The Gang's All Here! said...

I am suffering a case of whiplash. I'm all into the conversation about supplements and cleansing the colon and WHAM! you hit me with Hooters. See, even in your weakened, nutrition-depleted state, you are still cracking me up!

And I've heard they have good wings, but all that cleavage would ruin my appetite. Who can eat pounds of wings when skinny minnies are floating all around with their gorgeous selves? :)

Hands-Free Heart said...

I'd go to Hooters with you...without the husbands of course! I agree, we have to reach out in those "taboo" places, but not in those that would be a personal temptation.