Friday, January 4, 2008

Guess What I just Brought Home From the Pharmacy?

.....a big, bulging bag of antibiotics and cough medicine with codeine.

While I pledged my allegiance to the body re-healing itself and the evils of over-prescribed antibiotics I must retract. Please don't judge me!! I'm not of a right mind....if the decongestant at Giant was $43.00 a pack I would have gladly paid it and been grateful! I think half my brains have been blown into the mega-box of Kleenex with lotion I keep by my side 24/7.

Now the antibiotics are not for me, mind you; but, for my family who I can't stand to see suffer any longer. As much as I long to breathe through my nose again, I gave my prescription to The Husband who asked very little where it came from and what it was. Thank goodness I'm not interested in him for his life insurance policy! Since he's the breadwinner and all (and, the love of my life) I decided to give him the gift of my prescribed medication since I seem to have run the course of pretty much every common illness except diarrhea and a rash over the last 6 days. He, however, has just begun and when he says he feels like he's dying, he's not being a baby.

#1 and I echoed those same words several days this week.

Two of the three children have bronchitis just like their Mama! The third one is "viral" so there is no need to put anything prescription into her body just yet.

I thought for a moment of not admitting this on my blog, because you know, that would be a TAD embarrassing to take such a strong stand and then 24 hours later be issuing out doses of the controversial 5-pack (that's what we health care professionals refer to it, wink, wink). But, in the quest for honesty and for you to glimpse the "real me" (most of the time), I decided I could not in good conscious paint a picture that, as of an hour ago, is no longer accurate!

And, I promise you that THIS IS THE LAST POST ABOUT US BEING SICK. I'm sick of being sick.....


Livin' Life said...

We will be praying for healing for you guys; physically, mentally, emotionally whatever you need.:)

Natalie said...

I've been racking my brain as to what I can do to help out and the only thing I can come up with is to give you another virtual Etsy gift to help you get better.

Get Well!

On Fire For Jesus said...

CJ could join your ranks of sickness. We battled 103 temp last night. He's been on couch duty ALL day long. The fever is gone, but the rest of it isn't quite yet.
The boys also suffered with bronchitis recently and Z man is still sporting a swollen gland, two weeks long now. I have some sort of cold in my upper chest. Yeah, fun times.

I hate satan and his desperate ways of trying to bring us all down. So, may the Lord rebuke him for my family and yours!!!