Thursday, January 17, 2008

Don't You Just Love When Your Expectations Are Exceeded?

Today was our first rehearsal for our elementary talent show that I am in charge of. I have just two words.

Blown away.

That was me! Everything fell almost perfectly into place. I have great volunteers and obedient, excited kids. We had a few snags (one CD player did not work), some kids who wanted to switch groups and some of the younger ones being off in la-la land, but overall when I saw what was accomplished in one rehearsal I was....

Blown away.

And, I was in need of an adult male who could play acoustic guitar and sing. I've been sending desperate pleas home for a dad, uncle, brother, neighbor, mailman anyone who could help and I prayed this morning and asked God to take this burden from me. A dad came to practice, who is a professional performer and said he "felt like he was supposed to come and tell me he will do this part". He said it was really strange the way he felt so compelled to do it! I told him he was literally an answer to prayer and it turns out he is a believer and he said this wasn't the first time this has happened to him! After we both admitted that the hair on the back of our necks was standing up, we talked more and he not only is performing, but he's got all sorts of sound equipment he is going to let us borrow.

Yeah God!

I feel like His favor is just being poured out and excited does not begin to describe what I am feeling right now!


Stephanie said...

WhooHoo Woman and God!

Livin' Life said...

That is a great testimony of God's faithfulness. Wow the power of prayer even in things that we might not see as on God's top ten list He comes through with a bang.
That is just wonderful!!!

Phil Christensen said...

Hi, Melissa - it was fun to find your encouraging blog, and appreciate the tip on Monk and Neagle. I'm a fellow ENFP in a parallel universe (grin)! Feel free to drop by and say hi...
Blessings, Phil