Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's Cold Enough Here to Hang Meat

Still hacking up a lung over here.

I am so completely bummed out that I joined a gym last week that I have been too sick to go to! I am going to be in Susan's (ie Speaking Freely and I'm too sick to bother to insert a link here) wedding this summer and the dress will show off every ounce of loose flesh on my arms. I could never understand when women complained about "loose arms". Since I turned 35, I now understand completely.

I also cannot talk on the phone for work in the event a coughing fit comes on (which it does approximately every 5-7 minutes) so I am relying completely on email today. For 6 hours. It's getting a little boring. So, that's why I'm blogging when I should be working. I wouldn't feel too bad about that if I hadn't taken the last 10 days off of work.

Oh, and did I mention we ran out of heating oil on New Year's Eve around 4pm? It has been about 50-something degrees in my house for the last 2 days. Thankfully, the oil guy just came about 10 minutes ago and I am so happy, even though at $3.19 per gallon I am going to choke when I see the bill. At least in a few hours I will be toasty warm as I fight this horrible sickness that is one of the worst I've had in years. I even made a doctor's appointment for tonight, which I do about every 2 years and only when I am certain I have strep throat or malaria or something.

I need to check on #1 who is also home sick and then get back to plugging away at another 40 emails. I know you're jealous, aren't you? Not everyone can be in a freezing cold house, sick as a dog with a sick kid and get to work from home!! Just kidding! I am a blessed woman!

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