Tuesday, January 1, 2008

More Like a New Year's "Revelation" Instead of Resolution

Over the last week or so I have tried to think through some profound New Year's resolutions to share, but they sound so shallow. So.....typical. Lately, though, my thoughts are swirling and in no particular order, so please bear with me.

I have this strange need to express my sincere desire of walking out an unconventional Christian lifestyle. I was reminded of what the church is here for by a guest speaker this past weekend and by a book I have been reading called The Debt by Angela Hunt (my new favorite author). Both of these occurrences (one being a pastor and the other being a fiction book) have stirred me to step out of my current comfort zone and obey the voice of Jesus one person at a time. I've often speculated about going into full-time ministry one day when the kids are grown, but I've come to realize I've been in full-time, 24/7 ministry all along. So have you. That just hasn't been my perspective. Some people have been called to be pastors; ALL of us have been called to follow Christ. Jesus didn't sit in a church and wait for people to come to Him. He went to the people who needed Him in the places most of us would never dream of stepping foot into. That convicts me and provokes me.

So, to demonstrate how random I tend to be, I've been asking God what He'll have me do with this new perspective. While I've been sick. While I've tried to keep the kids entertained. While I've put the house back to its pre-Christmas order. While I found out a best friend is getting married. While I am half-heartily trying to plan the school talent show. In summary, life continues to fly at me at the speed of light; however, does God really care about any of it? Of course, He does! I have an expectation that in each of those scenarios He will come and do a new thing! I plan to be healed of the terrible cough and headache, along with #1 and #3. And, in all the other situations, instead of just being "mission oriented", I'm going to try to have the mind of Christ and do things His way. While that may sound like an easy thing to do for some people, I'm not very accomplished at giving up the reins and going "where the Spirit leads".

Oddly enough, I am not as invigorated as I would like to be with this new way of thinking (my flesh seems to be winning that battle right now which makes me sad). I'm afraid I'll slip back into my old ways and comfortable patterns. And then, I'm concerned following through with this "revelation" will get messy sometimes. But, I must remember that this is not a lose-lose situation. If Jesus is leading then I know that I am gong to be alright. One day at a time, one person at a time. For His Glory.

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