Friday, January 4, 2008

This Doesn't Count!

Ok...this is not (exactly) a post about me and my family being sick, but it is a post about......

#3 throwing up chocolate milkshake and cheese crackers all over my white sectional in a giant brown puddle (Thank you, Lord for microfiber and zip off covers).

And, then.....

As we frantically did damage control on the couch, #3 walked by the rest of the naughty chocolate shake on the coffee table and. spilled. it. all. on. the. rug.

The only rug we have in the entire house.

I just chugged the entire bottle of cough medicine with codeine. And, I wasn't even coughing.

Just kidding! Still smiling over here!


Natalie said...

I'm telling you...REALITY SHOW.

Hands-Free Heart said...

Let's see... aren't you Caroline Ingalls? I think at this point you just start a huge bonfire and burn all your clothes and anything else that has touched your family's germs!

Praying that it all settles, that you all can breathe, have a good night's sleep (without interruptions) and stop sharing germs!

Sandy said...

Oh the throw-up tales us moms could tell. It might make a good book someday. Wow, chocolate milkshake and a white couch....that one should win some kind of throw-up award!!

Hope you are all feeling better SOON!!!!!!
~Sandy at Jesus and Dark Chocolate